Dysport® Appointments In Simsbury

If you live in the Simsbury area and are looking for a high-quality anti-aging injectable, we urge you to schedule an appointment for a Dysport® treatment today. 

Why Choose Dysport®?

When most people think about injectables for facial wrinkles, they typically think of Botox. That being said, Dysport® is another viable age-combating solution. Dysport® is specially tailored to treat one facial wrinkle — your frown lines. Using five injection points, Dysport® injectables can be significantly reduced. In addition to significantly reducing the presence of your frown lines, Dysport® is also designed to provide you with a natural look — allowing you to go on with life as if no treatment had ever occurred in the first place. 

Schedule Your Dysport® Treatment Today!

If you are interested in Dysport® injectables and reducing the presence of your frown line, we urge you to schedule a treatment at our Simsbury medical spa. If you have any questions about this innovative treatment, or if you wish to schedule your appointment now, please contact us today!

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