Medical Director/Owner

Samara Ambrosio is a nationally Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner with advanced training and multiple certifications in botulinum injections, dermal fillers, skincare, cosmetic enhancements, body sculpting and medical aesthetics.


She is published in Neurosurgery Research, was previously a nursing instructor, and has taught medical procedures and injections to MDs, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and nursing students.  Her years of medical practice in urgent/emergency care demonstrates her vast knowledge and ability to diagnose and treat complex conditions, perform surgical office procedures, and consider all factors related to your care.

In addition to advanced certifications from national aesthetics organizations, Samara has extensive specialty training with some of the most renowned cosmetic injectors in the world including Dr. Anil Rajani, Dr. Shino Bay, and Dr. Christian Subbio.  Twice, she has traveled internationally for Master Class Lip Injector training by world-famous Julie Horne from Norway. She incorporates advanced micro-cannula techniques in her facial sculpting instead of using needles and has completed 1:1 private intensive training using exclusive cannula techniques from the “Cannula King,” Dr. Don Rainone, USA.  She has trained 1:1 privately with the double board-

certified Plastic Surgeon,  Dr. Richard Swift of New York City, as well as an exclusive online series with renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen Mulholland, of Canada. She has several exciting future pieces of training lined up and spends a significant amount of personal time and money investing in her skills to provide expertise in her craft.  Samara regularly attends advanced workshops and specialized training across the country and dedicates time each week to advanced training. Her mission is to seek the best and train with the best.

Samara Ambrosio owns and operates Samara MedSpa CT in Simsbury, CT, where she has lived for nearly a decade. She is a compassionate medical professional and a mother of three children. She understands the multiple competing priorities of life, as well as the varied aesthetic goals of men, women, LGBTQI, and all ages. At Samara MedSpa CT, you will receive a personal, unique experience time after time. Whether you’re interested in dermal fillers, lip enhancement, IV vitamin drips, body contouring, Botox treatments, microneedling services, or more, you’ll find the right treatment for you at our medical spa.

Why Choose Samara MedSpa CT?

Samara MedSpa CT is a privately owned, an exclusive medical spa where you are given the specialized attention you deserve. Our philosophy is to enhance your best features while maintaining your natural appearance and expression. Specifically, we perform comprehensive evaluations and design highly individualized spa treatment plans to address your concerns and achieve optimal results. With you, we develop a program to fit within your lifestyle and budget so you can achieve the results you want.


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