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Tune in to Samara MedSpa’s Aging in Style segments on Better CT WFSB.  From health and wellness to looking your best at any age!

June 2021: Treatments for men at Samara MedSpa

There are many male patients at Samara Medspa in Simsbury.  Kara Sundlun from WFSB Better Connecticut went to find out about some of the treatments being offered.

May 2021: Full Facial Consonance at Samara MedSpa

Melissa Cole from Better Connecticut went to Samara MedSpa in Simsbury to learn more about facial fillers.

April 2021: Get the Booty Butt Lift at Samara MedSpa

There’s a popular procedure being done at Samara MedSpa to get people a better booty. Kara Sundlun, from Better Connecticut, went to see how the procedure is done*

March 2021: Mint Threads facelift without fillers or surgery

A procedure called Mint Threads (Minimally Invasive Nonsurgical Thread PDO) can provide neck and face treatments without fillers or surgery. Kara Sundlun from Better CT checked it out at Samara MedSpa in Simsbury, CT

February 2021: Get The "Lip Rescue" at Samara MedSpa!

Full lips are one of the most requested enhancements women are asking for. The Better Connecticut Team met with Samara Ambrosio, APRN and owner of Samara MedSpa, who has become famous on Instagram for the “Lip Rescue” to learn more.

January 2021: Venus Legacy

Are you ready for a younger-looking you in the new year? There are non-invasive ways to turn back the clock on your neck or lose inches from your arms, thighs, or stomach.* In our latest segment Kara Sundlun, from Better Connecticut, visited us in Simsbury to see the technology being used with the Venus Legacy.

December 2020: truSculpt flex and truSculpt iD

Have you heard of truSculpt flex and truSculpt iD? Both devices are here at Samara MedSpa in Simsbury. truSculpt flex is a muscle sculpting device that provides personalized treatments based on your fitness level, goals, and shape*.  truSculpt iD is clinically proven to eliminate fat in stubborn areas around your abdomen and flanks*. In this segment, Scot Haney and the Better CT Team had a chance to see them both in action at Samara MedSpa.

*Disclaimer: Individual Results May Vary

*Required Deposits:
LME: $100 for all appointments
RN: $100 Consultation , $200-$500 for RN filler/Threads Treatment
APRN: $250 Consultation, $250-$500 APRN Treatment
*CareCredit and Green Sky not applicable for deposit payments


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