Latisse® provides spectacular results for those who have eyelash loss due to a medical condition, chemotherapy, or even age. Latisse is the only FDA approved treatment to manage inadequate eyelashes or hypotrichosis.

Latisse® is the medication bimatoprost or a human-made form of a naturally occurring substance called prostaglandin. Latisse® has been proven to increase the growth, length, thickness, and darkness of eyelashes with regular and consistent use.

Latisse® is a liquid application that you place along the lash line of your upper eyelid. Avoid using on your lower lids. Blot any serum that gets on your skin and only use the sterile applicators supplied with your Latisse® product.

It is recommended to use Latisse for at least two consecutive months to get the eyelashes you desire. Eyelash improvement remains as long as you use the medication. When you stop using Latisse®, eyelashes eventually return to their original appearance.

*Disclaimer: Individual Results May Vary

*Required Deposits:
LME: $100 for all appointments
RN: $100 Consultation , $200-$500 for RN filler/Threads Treatment
APRN: $250 Consultation, $250-$500 APRN Treatment
*CareCredit and Green Sky not applicable for deposit payments


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