Harness the power of your collagen to create a more youthful-looking you.

What is PlasmaSculpt?

PlasmaSculpt is a combination of PRF or platelet-rich fibers, and Dermal filler or PLLA. Treatments stimulate collagen and help your body’s natural support structure to reconstruct more youthful-looking skin and volume.

PLLA is a lactic acid molecule, and the body makes lactic acid naturally during exercise. The body then breaks it down into carbon dioxide and water. PLLP is an injectable in PlasmaSculpt and is a synthetic made in a laboratory using simple sugars that are made from organic wheat and corn.

PLLA or Dermal filler injected into your skin breaks down into carbon dioxide and water, and the body happily responds with forming type I collagen to plump up your skin. This process has been scientifically confirmed in microscopic tissue examinations and clinical trials.

Don’t think of Dermal filler aesthetic as a wrinkle filler. It is a true volumizer that tells your body to produce collagen in a process called biostimulation. PLLA is safe and is an ingredient used for over 35 years in the surgical field for dissolvable sutures and implants. When injected at the appropriate strategic locations, PLLA plus PRF encourages youthful changes.

The PRF or platelet-rich fibers in Plasma Sculpt are created from your own body’s blood. A tube of blood is taken from your arm and spun in a centrifuge to separate the needed properties. PRF mixed with Dermal filler is an injectable placed into your skin with a fine needle. After the injections, collagen is encouraged to grow and regenerate. Your skin becomes smooth and tighter, wrinkles are softened, and skin’s texture and tone are improved. You naturally look younger!

What is the Process?

PlasmaSculpt is applied via fine needles and cannulas, and one PlasmaSculpt treatment includes two injection sessions. Plasma Sculpt rebuilds your collagen over time, and this keeps you from looking immediately plump and artificial.

Consult with your aesthetician to determine the number of treatments you need. It all depends on the quality of your existing skin, tissue laxity, and the surrounding bone loss. Treatments are typically done over a 4 to 6 month period. The natural collagen rebuilding process ensures that you don’t look fake.

What is the PlasmaSculpt Difference?

PlasmaSculpt results belong to you. Treatments last up to 2 years and depending on your lifestyle, and the natural aging process only needs to be done every two years.  Follow up treatments are more of an “up-keep” plan, and resulting treatments are much quicker and easier.

*Disclaimer: Individual Results May Vary

*Required Deposits:
LME: $100 for all appointments
RN: $100 Consultation , $200-$500 for RN filler/Threads Treatment
APRN: $250 Consultation, $250-$500 APRN Treatment
*CareCredit and Green Sky not applicable for deposit payments


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