The skin around the neck can showcase obvious signs of aging. It is an area that is often neglected as we do not regularly apply sunscreen or moisturizer leading to the development of collagen and wrinkle development. When the signs become more visible, the urge to stiffen and rejuvenate the neck portion becomes more. The skin begins to sag, loses its texture, and looks dull to be termed as “turkey neck”. Even the environmental aspects like exposure to sun rays along with the use of harsh chemicals, and wearing makeup also contributes to the premature aging of the skin in the neck and other regions of the face. Turkey’s neck is triggered by flaccid muscles, wobbly skin, and fat accumulation. You might have tried various types of solutions like neck exercises, creams, or even pills without any success in eliminating the turkey neck issues. If you are concerned about the saggy skin around the neck region and want to get back the glow, it is time to look for some advanced solutions with skin experts. Samara MedSpa CT offers many Non-Surgical Treatments for Turkey Neck.

The procedure will be customized according to the precise requirements of the individual. PDO thread lift includes the usage of tiny threads or sutures to stiffen the skin that is suffering from sagging. The fine thread is injected into the target region with fine and thin needles.